Alvaro Arelleno, Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering DMBI

Alvaro Arellano

Deputy Inspector

Alvaro Arellano is a Deputy Methane Building Inspector (DMBI) for Terra-Petra. In this role, he provides field inspections working with and in coordination with general and subcontractors to oversee the general installation of multiple systems including methane, waterproofing and vapor intrusion systems.

Alvaro is trained and certified for the inspection of all methane/waterproofing products approved by an LADBS research report, including Cetco Liquid Boot and Coreflex, Tremco Paraseal GM/LG, Epro Ecoline-S, Tremco Barrier Solutions VaporLock-M, among other products. With previous experience designing seismic bracing arms for hospitals and government facilities, he is well-versed in the coordination of construction projects and able to provide valuable feedback when working with field personnel. Alvaro is also familiar with Auto-CAD.

He joined Terra-Petra’s team in the beginning of 2013 with 5 years of experience in the construction industry as a Project Engineer with both C.H. Stone Plumbing and ISAT/Tomarco Construction. Now with many years of experience to hang his hat on and a career that is in full swing, Alvaro is very familiar with multiple systems offered to the commercial industry. An ever-present professional, Alvaro is a big believer in “showing up” on a job-site on-time and being knowledgeable of the current system installation to be put into place.

Licensed by the city of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety as a Deputy Methane Building Inspector (DMBI), Alvaro holds an Associate of Science (A.S.) in architecture and an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree from Rio Hondo College.