Daniel Valdez

Director of Field Operations

Daniel Valdez is the Director of Field Operations for Terra-Petra. In this role, Daniel oversees and coordinates all field inspections for both the Environmental and Waterproofing Divisions. To date, Daniel has trained all of the inspectors at Terra-Petra and has been sent out of state on several occasions to consult and train agencies on how to conduct methane mitigation and waterproofing inspections.

With more than 12 consecutive years working for Terra-Petra, Daniel knows that the construction world is always changing and evolving. As such, he believes in setting his inspectors up for success to adapt to any condition through comprehensive training and diligent preparation.

A registered Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector (DMBI) for the City of Los Angeles, Daniel holds certifications from multiple methane and waterproofing manufacturer’s and is trained to conduct inspections in various governing agencies throughout California. He is also certified and trained to conduct inspections at various oil refineries and is trained for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (Hazwoper). Having completed the Dale Carnegie “Leadership Training for Managers” program, Daniel Valdez understands the importance of inspiring others to do great work.