Brownfield Braintrust Podcast with Matt Winefield: Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems (VIMS) with Justin Conaway of Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering

The most recent episode of the Brownfield Braintrust Podcast, host Matt Winefield speaks with Terra Petra’s own Justin Conaway

Episode Details From Brownfield Braintrust Podcast:

In our current Brownfield Braintrust Podcast, Matt Winefield of Winefield & Associates, Inc. sheds light on Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Systems (VIMS) with the help of Justin Conaway, Vice President and General Manager of Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering. Given evolving soil vapor mitigation standards, VIMS are currently much more prevalent than just three years ago. It is unlikely one can acquire, for example, a former dry cleaner site (with PCE releases), run a vapor extraction system, and then pour your foundation. The lead agency will likely specify a VIMS that operates for the life of the new building. Justin explains the three most common VIMS technologies now utilized.

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