Terra-Petra recently completed a methane soil gas investigation for a redevelopment project of an existing building on Wilshire Blvd. The site is located within a City of Los Angeles Methane Zone and Methane Buffer Zone.

The current phase will consist of routing new electrical conduit to two new underground transformer vaults. From the vaults, the conduit will proceed west to a new electrical Pull Station, then be encased in concrete on the inside north wall of the existing parking structure down to the lower level. There, it travels under the existing parking structure going south under the parking structure to the electrical room on the first floor of the existing building.

DWP requested that methane soil gas probes be installed along the entire path of the conduit. “The report needs to cover any area where the conduit, structures and equipment are going to be”. Conduit is placed and trenches backfilled and patched from the area of the future electrical room in the building, under the existing parking structure and encased up the vertical wall and stubbed out at location of the Pull Station. Based on DWP standards, the 2 transformer vaults and the Pull Station will be vented. Our testing area was limited to the lots within the perimeter.