Water Penetration Resistance Testing - Marina Del Rey, CA

Terra-Petra Waterproofing Division was recently engaged to provide Water Penetration Resistance Testing for a building located in Marina Del Rey, CA.

Testing is covering select areas across the entire building enclosure systems including the windows, storefront, curtain wall systems and roof systems The request for the testing was driven by the proposed tenant of the building. The developer engaged Terra-Petra based on our experience, reputation, and familiarity with the buildings.

The scope of work includes performing ASTM E1105-08 Modified, and/or AAMA 501.2 Modified. Our services covered industry standards for Testing and Reporting as specified in standard Specification Sections relative to these systems.

We are also providing technical consulting services to be carried out by Terra-Petra’s Principal Waterproofing Consultant to assess root causes for water intrusion that occurred at the building interior during the water testing efforts. We are currently writing up our recommendations for repairs in the few areas where water did migrate through the building enclosure systems.

Photos Of The Water Penetration Resistance Testing Project

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More About Our Certified Air & Water Testing Services

Exterior Building Envelope Water and Air Testing per ASTM & AAMA Standards:

Terra-Petra utilizes the latest technology, materials and techniques for conducting site inspections and field testing of fenestration system assemblies. We are an AAMA accredited test agency that is able to carry out air and water performance testing of building envelope assemblies during both the mock-up and installation phases. Terra-Petra provides field testing in compliance with ASTM E-1105-00, ASTM E-783-02 and AAMA 502 standards.

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