Terra-Petra Waterproofing Division

The Terra-Petra Waterproofing Division strives to provide a holistic approach to Building Envelope Consulting with a focus on “making our clients’ lives easier.” We achieve this goal by responding to our clients’ needs in a timely manner and serving as their single point of contact for any services they need. This approach has allowed the Terra-Petra Waterproofing Division a very steady and organic growth from the inception of the company in 2002.

Our clients have come back to Terra-Petra, again and again, with new needs asking if we can provide more and more services than for their previous project. Fortunately for us, our customer intimacy value discipline has allowed us to continually tailor and shape our service offerings to fit the increasingly defined definition of our customers’ needs. With offices in most major metropolitan areas across the country, Terra-Petra’s Waterproofing Division has successfully worked on a variety of building waterproofing projects around the United States in a variety of climates. We can respond in a moment’s notice to any client request.

Mission Statement

The mission of Terra-Petra’s Waterproofing Division is to provide full scope building envelope consulting, design, testing and inspection services to our clients in major regions throughout the US. It is our intent to make our clients’ lives easier by providing expert, unbiased and practical building envelope consulting services in a highly responsive and profitable manner, to support our long range goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to grow the Terra-Petra Waterproofing Division into a world class, full scope consulting, design, testing and inspection division that services strategic markets to best fit our client’s needs.


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