The Terra-Petra Waterproofing Division is recognized as an expert in the industry for the entire building envelope from the basement to the roof. It is estimated that on any large project, waterproofing and drainage is often less than 5% of the total job cost. However, over 95% of project litigation is related to Water Intrusion.

We have consulted attorneys on matters that include basement waterproofing and drainage, sub-slab vapor barriers, podium slab and planters, building wrap/paper, sealants, exterior envelope systems (including doors and windows), roofing and insulation systems.

Main Causes of Waterproofing Failures:

  • Faulty design
  • Improper construction techniques
    • Failure to use proper materials
    • Failure to properly seal external surfaces
    • Failure to pour concrete to allow for proper drainage
    • Failure to meet industry standards
    • Abuse by other trades
    • Non-certified system applicators
    • Non – third party inspection

Building Hazards Associated with Water Intrusion:

  • Structural/Interior Damage
  • High-cost remediation and repairs
  • Liability/ Litigation
  • Aesthetic Issues

Health Hazards Associated with Water Intrusion:

  • Indoor environmental air quality degradation
  • Mold

Our service offerings include:

  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Deposition Support
  • Independent 3rd party Experts and Inspectors

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