Due to the emerging demands of energy, sustainability and functionality of both residential and commercial structures, coupled with high rate of water infiltration litigation, building science, codes and requirements are rapidly evolving requiring builders and architects to retain expert guidance.

Terra-Petra uses our knowledge and experience from years of legal and forensic cases to bring expertise to your project and introduce a balanced and systematic approach to the entire water management system and a proper integration of all components.

Our forensic experience in handling warranties in the legal arena provides our customers with a unique opportunity and insures the functionality of our recommendations as well as the effectiveness of the intended warranties.

Terra-Petra offers water intrusion services and consulting on both residential and commercial structures.  Contact us today and get started with a consultation from one of our expert staff.


We conduct a systematic approach to assessing the historic water intrusion issues of a given structure to identify the root cause(s) contributing to the failures in the building enclosure system.

The investigative process can take on many facets, such as non-destructive testing by way of document review (As-Builts, Specs, Details) visual inspection of the property as well as conducting moisture meter readings on construction materials and thermal imaging to better identify the sources/pathway of water intrusion. We also routinely conduct flood testing of decks, planters and roofs as well as water testing of fenestration systems and exterior cladding systems using the most up to date AAMA and ASTM testing standards. If justified, we will conduct destructive testing of assemblies by removing sections of cladding/overburden systems to inspect the underlying materials in an effort to pinpoint the site-specific issues.

Our team of experts apply their broad spectrum of technical knowledge and expertise into every step of the forensic process.

Once the issues have been identified, we are able to provide clear direction on the appropriate remediation processes that need to take place to properly address the issues and to prevent future water intrusion at a given project. We are willing participants in the remediation process by working intimately with the restoration contractors to ensure that the proposed solutions are executed properly and per specifications to ensure the integrity of the water tight assembly.