Electronic Leak Detection Testing per ASTM Standards:

Terra-Petra employs state of the art Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) technology to detect leaks for waterproofing membranes installed at roofs, plaza decks, pools, water features, covered reservoirs and other waterproofing applications in accordance with ASTM D7877-14. The ELD testing can be used in lieu of, or in concert with traditional flood testing. Flood testing, historically speaking, is more expensive, time consuming and provides for less accuracy and assurance than the ELD system. Terra-Petra’s ELD technology uses a minimum of water and time and provides absolute confirmation that a membrane is watertight. This system can be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces and can also locate hard to find leaks in older membranes.

PLEASE READ: Important Advisory from the IIBEC (updated 2021):


Services Include:

  • Confirms conclusively if a horizontal or vertical membrane is water tight
  • Locates breaches during installation so repairs can be made immediately
  • Locates breaches caused by trade damage prior to the placing of overburden
  • Provides a safe, precise, cost effective, and conclusive substitute for flood testing
  • Pinpoints hard to find leaks in older membranes
  • Delivers quality control through third party verification
  • Testing conducted by Certified and Accredited Inspectors

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How ELD testing works (with Detec’s TrueGround Conductive Primer)