Terra-Petra's CEO, Kevin Buchanan and VP/GM, Justin Conaway "held court" with many current and future clients in booth 60 at the ICSC RECon 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center last week (May 18-20).

RECon is the global convention for the shopping center industry and provides networking, deal making and educational opportunities for retail real estate professionals from around the world. With over 32,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors it is the largest retail real estate industry convention.

"We had such a great opportunity to meet so many people who had methane and vapor gas mitigation needs," said Buchanan. "We hope to be able to continue these conversations and develop as well as continue current relationships in the retail real estate development industry."  Here are some of the highlights.

RECON BOOTH TB BOOTH RECON BOOTH TB BOOTH.2 RECON BOOTH TB BOOTH.3 RECON Marketplace 2014.5 RECON Marketplace 2014.6 RECON KBTP Badge RECON Mark Cuban guest star TERRA-Petra at ReCon Booth in Green ZoneRECON BOOTH TB BOOTH.4 RECON BOOTH TB BOOTH.6 Justin ReCon 2014 1RECON Marketplace 2014 RECON Marketplace 2014.2 RECON Marketplace 2014.3 RECON Marketplace 2014.4 RECON BOOTH PREIT RECON BOOTH Irvine Company RECON BOOTH Related - TP Client RECON BOOTH PREIT.2 RECON BOOTH TB Isle 600TERRA-Petra at ReCon Booth