Terra-Petra offers the ability to identify, monitor and report on the removal and proper disposal of soil and ground water contaminates per the agency accepted standards. We have a Registered Environmental Assessor on staff with extensive experience in these practices.

However, this established “Dig-n-Haul” method for removing site contaminates is becoming a less desirable option for property owner/developers considering the stringent requirements for testing prior to and during disposal.

For this reason Terra-Petra offers many alternate methods such as Encapsulation, Groundwater and Soil Gas Treatments as well as other Site Remediation processes designed to remediate site contaminates to agency approved standards.

Terra-Petra uses well recognized and accepted practices and procedures to remediate such contaminates as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, methane, hydrogen sulfide and semi volatile organic compounds (SVOCs), as well as heavy metals and toxic or carcinogenic chemicals of concern to agency accepted levels so that your project can move forward.

A Brownfield Mitigation Design may be prudent based on the site development.


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