All methane gas mitigation systems should be inspected by a certified professional with experience in methane gas mitigation systems to insure that they have been installed properly. Most governing agencies will require these inspections. Terra-Petra is a leading provider of methane inspections in Los Angeles, throughout Southern California, and beyond.

Our Methane Inspections team includes a staff of 13 inspectors certified by the City of Los Angeles as Deputy Methane Barrier Inspectors (DMBI). Our inspectors hold inspection certifications from each manufacturer of methane barrier membranes which are approved under LADBS Research Report for use in the City of Los Angeles—as well as many others. We are also familiar with all of the approved methane gas barrier systems on the market today. All of our inspectors are 40 hour trained in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) because job-site safety is our first priority.

Here are some other capabilities of Terra-Petra’s Methane Inspections Team:

  • 13 Deputy Methane Barrier Inspectors (DMBI) on staff
  • Completed Certification Training by each individual manufacturer to inspect all 8 approved methane barrier membrane systems having a Los Angeles Research Report
  • Assure the owner/developer that all of the elements of the approved plans, (elements which they have paid for) are properly installed and functioning
  • Assure all parties concerned, that the installation is in full compliance with the approved plans and with the requirements of the governing agencies
  • Work closely with installing contractors to implement successful inspections
  • Provide Smoke Test Certification where required


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