One-Stop Consulting & Management From Start To Finish

Terra-Petra’s oil field services offer our clients a one-stop shop for all their oil field needs.  Our team will manage your project from start to finish, encompassing everything from initial consultation to the final report and submission of NFA (No Further Action) letter.

With the seemingly endless moving parts involved in successful oil field construction site plan review, oil well abandonment / re-abandonment, vent cone installation, consulting and more, it’s important to have an expert by your side every step of the way to manage the process and make sure your budget and schedule stay on track.  With Terra-Petra’s hands-on expertise in ALL aspects of oil field management and consulting we stand out amongst other firms in the industry.

Terra-Petra can provide services for all your needs including:

  • Surface preparation and earthwork
  • Oil production equipment removal
  • Production site decommissioning
  • Site restoration
  • Lease management and operational maintenance

Oil Field Construction
Site Plan Review

Oil Well

Oil Well
Vent Cones

Oil Field

The History Of Oil Fields In Los Angeles

In the early 1900’s dense ‘forests’ of oil derricks covered the Los Angeles and Orange County CA basins from Downtown Los Angeles to West Los Angeles, Signal Hill, Long Beach, Huntington Beach and Yorba Linda–to name a few. There are still some signs of times gone by with operational oil wells here and there spotted in parking lots and back yards throughout the south land. These oil fields not only produced large volumes of oil, but with oil well drilling came a path to the earth’s surface for methane gas, hydrogen sulfide and other Volatile Organic Compounds.

Mapping the long history of oil drilling in LA