Terra-Petra Inspection Services

Terra-Petra is committed to providing the most skilled and knowledgeable inspectors in the industry.  Whether it’s methane, waterproofing, concrete inspection or more, our expert inspection staff has up to date certifications and capabilities for all project types.

With Terra-Petra as your inspection service provider, you can rest-assured that you’re working with some of the most qualified and dedicated professionals in the business, who make sure the job is done right the first time.  Contact us today for more details.

Featured Inspection Services Include:

Methane Inspection

methane mitigation

Terra-Petra has an expert staff of inspectors certified by the City of Los Angeles as Deputy Methane Barrier Inspectors (DMBI). They hold inspection certifications from each manufacturer of methane barrier membranes which are approved under LADBS Research Report for use in the City of Los Angeles—as well as many others.

We are also familiar with all of the approved methane gas barrier systems on the market today.

Waterproofing Inspection

Starting at the pre-construction phase, Terra-Petra’s Waterproofing Division works with the property owner, the local building officials, the general contractor, the product manufacturer and installing subcontractor to establish an acceptable guideline for installation, inspection and monitoring of waterproofing systems.

Terra-Petra’s team of highly trained inspectors hold certifications from several of the major waterproofing manufacturers in the market today.

Concrete Inspection

Terra-Petra’s materials testing and inspection services include, Rebar Inspection, Post-Tensioning, Shotcrete, Masonry, Epoxy, Steel Reinforcement, Fireproofing, Structural Steel and Welding (shop and field).

To provide our clients the best turn-around time for large projects, and to maintain efficiency in our materials testing services, we are able to deploy an on-site testing laboratory for our inspectors and technicians to verify test results quickly and accurately.