Kevin Buchanan

President and Owner

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Justin Conaway General Manager and Vice President at Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering

Justin Conaway

Vice President/General Manager

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Daniel Valdez

Director of Field Operations

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Nikolaus Reppuhn P.E.

Professional Engineer, Civil/Environmental

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Hugh Avery

Senior Consultant

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Alex Feucht

Engineering Geologist

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Richard McClanahan

Chief CADD Engineer, DMBI

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Arturo Esqueda

Project Manager

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Lissette Agustini

Accounting Manager

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Raul Ramirez is a Project Designer/ Deputy Inspector with Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering

Raul Ramirez

CAD Designer/Deputy Inspector

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Josh Heidt

Senior Waterproofing Consultant

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David Lucero

Environmental Assessor

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Jonathan Conaway

Deputy Inspector

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Anthony Avina

Deputy Inspector

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Ricardo Sanchez - Drafter at Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering

Ricardo Sanchez


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Jake Gallo

Deputy Inspector

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Diego Sauceda

Deputy Inspector

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David Reyes

Deputy Inspector

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Jesus Mora

Project Designer

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Jon Schaefer

Environmental Engineer

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Hector Flores

Deputy Inspector

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Richard Soltero

Deputy Inspector

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Kevin Costa

Deputy Inspector

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