The 21,997 sqft project site is located on the northwest corner of intersection of Arkansas and 17th Street in the Potrero Hill neighborhood. The project sponsor proposes to construct a 4-story, 48-foot-tall mixed-use student housing building. The proposed building, which is being designed by Leddy Maytum Stacy (LMS) Architects, contains a 65,061-sf, 4-story building which would include 50 units of student housing, 7,814 sf of retail/multipurpose space and 4,739 sqft of support/utility space. The 50 units of student housing would include an estimated 126 bedrooms , a commercial loading space accessed via a curb cut on Arkansas Street is proposed. The project includes 120 Class I bicycle parking spaces and 4 Class II spaces located on the ground floor. For building construction, a concrete mat slab on pile foundation is anticipated.