Playa Vista, CA
1 level Below Grade
1,590 sq ft footprint
Michael Maltzan Architecture had designed an outdoor open air Bandshell with an exceptionally unique feature, a steel framed geometric canopy wrapped in a fabric membrane skin. This Bandshell was designed to be the center piece of the new Playa Vista Central Park. Terra-Petra was hired as the methane design engineer with an important role; maintain the sophisticated look of this modern Bandshell canopy while simultaneously attempting to marry our “ugly” methane mitigation system to it.
Terra-Petra spent a significant amount of time working with the architect, structural engineer, plumbing engineer and the Department of Building and Safety during the design process to develop an alternate approved method of terminating our methane vent risers for this structure. We were able to develop a unique venting system that allowed for the vent risers to be run away from the Bandshell to an inconspicuous location. This alteration to the standard methane mitigation system design allowed for the Bandshell to maintain the sleek modern look that the architect had envisioned. We are proud to say that Terra-Petra played a role in the construction of this visually moving Bandshell, which is now open to the community.