This project in Carson CA. considered to be the 3rd largest Brownfield re-development site in the nation (based on Terra-Petra’s research). This project consists of a 168 acre mixed-use development constructed over a former municipal landfill. There will be over 61 new buildings constructed on the site, consisting of retail, restaurants, entertainment, hotel and residential structures. Terra-Petra is responsible for designing the Building Protection System (BPS) for each one of these structures.

Our BPS design combines the latest technologies in mitigation materials with innovative design, for cost-effective installation, coupled with low operating and maintenance costs. In a collaborative effort with the State and local governing agencies we were successful in establishing an industry leading site wide standardized design for this BPS system. A design which will be implored at each of the proposed 61 buildings.

A Brownfield News (2008) article specifically mentions our design for this project. “Finally, a building protection system of permeable vent layers, gas venting of soils underlying the slabs with leakage sensors, and another liner under the concrete slabs will be used.