City of Los Angeles, Methane Zone Level I
3 Levels Below Grade
67,032 sq ft footprint

CSMC was looking to construct an addition to their hospital and they had serious waterproofing concerns, due to the subterranean parking garage resting 20’ into the underground, La Cienega River. Additionally, a Methane Mitigation Code requirement mandated that a permanent dewatering and filtration system be designed for the new building as well as a comprehensive methane mitigation membrane and venting system. Two very costly conditions.
Terra-Petra was able to negotiate with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) to eliminate the requirement for a permanent dewatering system. Additionally we developed a modified methane mitigation system that was approved by LADBS and afforded the owner a significant cost savings.

Also worth noting is that Terra-Petra specified a membrane system with a no-questions-asked, 15 year waterproofing warranty that was also an agency approved methane soil gas barrier.