City of Yorba Linda
94 single family homes
55 oil wells
A residential development having 94 homes with 14 unique floor plans sitting over an oil field having 55 abandoned oil wells. These oil wells were spread throughout the 25 acre site and the local codes required that all 55 of the oil wells be vented to a safe location. The developer requested the vents were not to interfere with the overall aesthetic appeal of the development. This proved to be an exceptional challenge in that some of these oil wells were located directly under homes, while others were in the front or back yard of a home, some were in the public right of way, while others were on non-traffic rated slopes.
Terra-Petra had to combine the code-compliant performance and safety for venting oil wells, with satisfying the developer’s desire for visual appeal. We designed unique, aesthetically pleasing, (and cost effective) venting options for each of the special oil well conditions.