Sheraton San Gabriel will offer 277 guest rooms and 11 suites, and more than 10,000 square feet of meeting space across four banquet rooms.  The hotel will feature two signature restaurants, offering Chinese and steakhouse dining options, as well as a bar, pool, fitness facilities and luxury spa.

The new hotel will consist of five levels above grade and three levels of subterranean parking.  A cast-in-place concrete system will be utilized throughout the structure with mild steel slabs at the below grade and ground floor levels and post-tensioned slabs on the upper levels.  The lateral resisting system in the building consists of special reinforced concrete shear walls. On the north edge of the property and above the parking garage, a large 30 -foot tall open ballroom space will be accomplished with use of large open web steel trusses spanning approximately 112 feet.  Steel columns and perimeter wide-flange girders will support the large trusses.  The lateral resisting system of the steel ballroom structure utilizes buckling restrained braced (BRB’s) frames.