Terra‑Petra has over 20 years of experience engineering methane gas mitigation systems, however we don’t limit ourselves to just methane. We provide engineered systems for both passive and active soil gas detection and alarm systems, mechanical vapor extraction systems, soil gas monitoring systems, landfill gas flares, air dikes, slurry walls, tar seep control, groundwater and soil gas treatment systems, as well as waterproofing, drainage and discharge systems.

We provide easy to read comprehensive plans that include all project specific details and specifications while our staff engineer holds civil engineering licenses in several states throughout the U.S. This affords Terra‑Petra the ability to engineer and design plans throughout the nation.

Terra‑Petra has engineered mitigation systems for all types of buildings including Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Multiple-Residential, Theater/Entertainment, Historical, Single Family Residential, Fire/Police Stations, Office Buildings, Parking Structures, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Manufacturing, and Warehouse Structures, and more. We also design civil engineering contour plots.

Terra‑Petra has the ability to produce Auto-CAD plans and designs for engineering firms that don’t have these capabilities. Our CAD draftsmen staff members carry Associates of Science degrees in Computer Aided Drafting Technology, Certificates in Architecture and or Design for Drafting. We also have the ability to plot out hard copy plans in house in all industry standard sizes.

Our draftsmen are conversant with the following drafting programs:

Auto-CAD 2000 through 2010
Microstation XM
Auto CAD-14