Phase III, commonly known as remediation investigations/feasibility studies, would be performed when previous ESA’s positively identified the presence of contaminated material on the subject property. Once it has been confirmed that the site has been impacted by contaminants, Terra-Petra would employ various remediation methods appropriate to site conditions/requirements.

These methods would include:

  • Underground Storage Tank Removal (UST), as well as Above Ground Storage Tank Removal
  • Soil Vapor Extraction/Dual-Phase Extraction
  • Air-Sparging – (“In Situ” Remediation Technology)
  • Skimmer-Pump Systems
  • Dig-and-Haul
  • Establish and implement remediation plan with approval of governing agencies (local, state, and federal)
  • Document project progress in conjunction with agency approval
  • Other Approved Suitable Remedial Methods to Meet Site Conditions/Requirements

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