Terra-Petra Lead Services

Exposure to lead continues to be a significant public health problem today because of the widespread use of lead compounds in industry during the past century. Lead is a highly toxic metal that may be present at hazardous levels in water, soil, and air. The EPA has been working to phase out lead in many products – including gasoline, reducing lead in drinking water, reducing lead in industrial air pollution, and ban or limit the use of lead in consumer most products, including residential paint.

Despite this, overexposure to lead continues to be one of the most common overexposures found in general industry. Terra-Petra’s comprehensive environmental services helps our clients protect workers from lead poisoning and comply with mandates regarding workplace lead exposure.

As part of our lead services Terra-Petra will:

  • Provide training designed to educate client on how to work safety with lead.
  • Conduct air monitoring for the detection of lead
  • Develop lead abatement and oversight programs
  • Design lead management plans
  • Conduct lead abatement activities to remediate the site issue.

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