Terra-Petra offers over 20 years of methane gas mitigation and soil gas mitigation design experience. With a Civil Engineer, Registered Environmental Assessor, Registered Geologist and Certified Engineering Geologist on staff, we design these systems all day every day.

We are very conversant with the code requirements for the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles Environmental Programs Division, the Orange County Fire Authority and the Fire Departments of Los Angeles, Huntington Beach and El Segundo. We routinely design both passive and active systems. Where it is deemed appropriate, Terra-Petra can design mechanical vapor extraction systems and electronic gas detection and alarm systems – employing the latest technologies.

Terra-Petra takes pride in shepherding our plans through the plan check process in order to provide each of our clients with agency approved plans. Since each project has it’s particular uniqueness, it may be prudent to submit a Variance/Modification for an alternate Mitigation Design–one that often affords the developer a cost savings. It is important to note that Terra-Petra has roughly an 85% success rate on our Variance/Modification submittals. Click on Featured Projects for a sample of designs completed by Terra-Petra.

When Do You Need A Methane Mitigation Plan

Upon new construction developments within designated Methane Zones or Methane Buffer Zones, you’ll need a methane mitigation design plan and will want to consult with a professional like Terra-Petra.

These Methane Zones are areas labeled as special hazard district because of their proximity to oil wells, gas wells, petroleum fields, oil fields and landfills.

Los Angeles County is one of the leaders in the nation for laying out and enforcing methane mitigation standards, and now several major cities around the country follow suit.

Methane Zones or Methane Districts where oil fields, drilling sites, landfilles, etc. are found create an abundance of subsurface methane gas.  Over time, the methane gas becomes hazardous accumulating in buildings, sometimes bad enough to reach combustible levels. Methane gas intrusion has caused severe damage through explosions and fires.  Which is why methane mitigation standards have become so important in both existing buildings and new structure development.

Terra-Petra has decades of experience in methane mitigation design and inspections, and is recognized by LADBS, LA County EPD, OCFA, DOGGR and more as a Methane Design Engineer.  We can handle any project large or small, and our full time, in-house experts are here to help.

Terra-Petra is recognized as a Methane Design Engineer by the following agencies:

  • City of Los Angeles (LADBS)
  • LA County Environmental Programs Division (EPD)
  • Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)
  • El Segundo Fire Department
  • Huntington Beach Fire Department
  • City of Oxnard
  • Division of Oil Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR)

Among our many capabilities, Terra-Petra provides:

  • Easy to read comprehensive plans including project specific details and specifications.
  • Passive and Active Design Capabilities.
  • Plan coordination with project Architect, Civil, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC as well as the Landscape Architect.
  • CAD Draftsmen on staff carry an Associates of Science Degree in Computer Aided Drafting Technology and Certificates in Architecture and Design for Drafting.
  • 85% success rate on Variance and Modification submittals.
  • Plan Check Expediting.

The construction of each methane mitigation system will require inspection in some capacity.

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