Terra-Petra mold Services

Buildings with excess moisture are ripe for mold growth. Exposure to mold can cause a variety of allergic reactions, and even a few more serious health problems. The mold remediation and specialists at Terra-Petra are experts in mold removal. We can get rid your of mold in your structure and identify the source of excess moisture so it won’t come back.

Terra-Petra has wet pump, damp wipes, and HEPA vacuum technology to get the job accomplished.  We also train the appropriate parties involved on long term building care to ensure that mold doesn’t return.

As part of our mold services Terra-Petra will:

  • Removal of mold to prevent initial and / or prolonged human contact
  • Killing of any residual mold left on site
  • Repairing all moisture related problems causing mold to form
  • Final site visit, post mold removal to ensure that mold problem has been mitigated and remediated properly.

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