Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

At Terra-Petra, where we prioritize environmental due diligence through our specialized Phase 1 ESA services. As a trusted partner in real estate transactions and property development, we understand the importance of thoroughly evaluating environmental risks. Our Phase 1 ESA services offer a comprehensive analysis tailored to your needs, ensuring informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

When Is A Phase 1 Needed?

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is crucial in various scenarios, including:

Real Estate Transactions:
Before property acquisition, to identify potential environmental liabilities and safeguard your investment.  During property development, to comply with regulatory requirements and obtain necessary permits.

Lender Requirements:
When seeking financing or loans, many lenders mandate a Phase I ESA to assess potential risks associated with the property.

Regulatory Compliance:
To adhere to environmental regulations and demonstrate responsible property stewardship.

What Does a Phase I ESA Include?

Our Phase I Site Assessment is a meticulous process conducted by our expert environmental consultants. It typically includes:

Historical Site Research:
A thorough investigation of historical records, aerial photographs, and land-use records to identify past activities that could have led to contamination.

Site Inspection:
A comprehensive on-site evaluation to identify potential sources of contamination, including above-ground and underground storage tanks, hazardous substances, and other environmental risks.

Interviews and Documentation Review:
Discussions with current and past property owners, occupants, and local officials to gather valuable information about the site’s history and potential environmental concerns.

Report and Recommendations:
A detailed report summarizing findings, identifying recognized environmental conditions (RECs), and providing recommendations for further action, if necessary.

Note: Lead and Asbestos Assessments It’s important to clarify that a Phase I ESA does not inherently include lead and asbestos assessments. However, at Terra-Petra, we understand that some clients may require these additional services. If you have specific concerns or regulatory obligations related to lead or asbestos, we can seamlessly integrate these assessments into our offerings based on your needs.

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