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Case Study:
A major corporation was once sued for $100 million in damages from vapor intrusion and other contaminated substances connected to one of its previous electronics plants– and this news continues to produce publicity around the United States. The law suit was associated with a cloud of Trichloroethylene (TCE) which was said to be penetrating the homes of many people as a toxic vapor. These serious vapor-intrusion issues were not acknowledged at the beginning of a loan led to lawsuits or foreclosures. These kinds of lawsuits, on average, do target the parties accountable for the pollution, but they may also go after borrowers, lenders or brokers if the party is no longer a workable entry.

Vapor intrusion takes place when unstable organic compounds are found in underlying contaminated soil or ground water travel as vapor into the air spaces of adjacent buildings. These harmful vapors have been found to cause cancer and other chronic diseases. Three basic components must be present for the vapor intrusion to be considered a public concern: a source, a pathway, and an inhabited facility. The pathway for the vapors to intrude into buildings often includes cracks in the foundation or floor slab.

Terra-Petra is now serving the Miami market to assist owners and developers to mitigate against vapor intrusion conditions. We provide property owners with a sense of relief from such an environmental burden.