CQA/CQC stands for Construction Quality Assurance/Construction Quality Control. All Vapor Intrusion Barrier systems should be inspected by a certified professional with experience in these systems to ensure they have been installed properly. Starting at the pre-construction phase, we work with the governing agency, the local Building Official, the General Contractor, the product manufacturer and sub contractors to establish an acceptable guideline for installation of the systems – as well as monitoring, documenting and reporting our findings. We are instrumental in opening the lines of communication between all parties involved with the project to ensure a smooth installation and monitoring process.

Our additional capabilities include:

  • Assuring the owner/developer that all of the elements of the approved plans, (elements which they have paid for) are properly installed and functioning.
  • Assuring all parties concerned, that the installation is in full compliance with the approved plans and with the requirements of the governing agencies.
  • Completing numerous Inspection Certification Training sessions by the individual vapor barrier membrane manufacturers.
  • Working closely with installing contractors to implement successful inspections.
  • Providing Smoke Test Certifications as required.

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