Terra-Petra Waterproofing Division Lunch-and-Learn, Principles of Building Enclosure with ANR Development

Terra-Petra’s Forensic Waterproofing Expert,  Barry Taheri, presented his 12th lunch and learn program for ANR Development, on September 13, 2019, at their Los Angeles offices at 10100 Venice Blvd.

In his presentation, The Principles of Building Enclosure Systems, Taheri provided information on the importance of building waterproofing and the benefits of investing in mock-ups, along with a few live demonstrations. Lunch was catered to 11 guests.*

The group, consisting of ANR architects and project managers, was intense and focused. The usual Q&A, which usually takes place after the presentation, was shelved as Barry took questions mid-way through his presentation. What began as a typical 1 hour “L & L” turned into a deep 2-hour seminar that ended too soon for all concerned.

Special thanks to Olivia Polger for organizing the event.

Lunch for the group was once again catered by Mendocino Farms.

Contact Terra-Petra for more information on how to schedule a Lunch and Learn Program* for your organization.

*Lunch and Learn Programs are available to all group sizes. 


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