Terra-Petra’s Forensic Waterproofing Expert, Barry Taheri

Terra-Petra’s Forensic Waterproofing Expert, Barry Taheri

Terra-Petra’s Forensic Waterproofing Expert, Barry Taheri, recently presented his 17th lunch and learn program for architecture, planning, and conservation firm, Architectural Resources Group, on June 16, 2021.

ARG’s projects encompass some of the West Coast’s most iconic buildings and sites, such as the rehabilitation of the Alcatraz Quartermaster Warehouse in San Francisco and renovation of the Trust Building in Downtown Los Angeles.

Barry presented the material remotely (we hope to be “in person – with lunch” the next go-around!), and it was well-received! During the Q&A, Barry was asked about his experience with historic buildings. He described a current consultation at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles (reopening 2022), and a completed consultation at the iconic Hotel Cecil in downtown Los Angeles. Barry spoke about the patience and creativity needed to deal with the limitations presented by these historical restorations. He was also asked to forward the seminar’s section on stucco tests, to an ARG conservator, as the material was evidently relevant to the work they perform.

Special thanks to Marcos Gonzalez-Bode for organizing the event.

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Due to the emerging demands of energy, sustainability, and functionality of both residential and commercial structures, coupled with a high rate of water infiltration litigation, building science, codes, and requirements are rapidly evolving requiring builders and architects to retain expert guidance. We use our knowledge and experience from years of legal and forensic cases to bring expertise to your project and introduce a balanced and systematic approach to the entire water management system and a proper integration of all components.

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