Terra-Petra is a leading provider of Methane Testing and Inspection in the Los Angeles area, throughout Southern California and beyond. Our licensed and experienced methane professionals can provide fast, accurate and easy to understand methane surveys for your property.  Terra-Petra provides a range of services beyond just methane testing including methane mitigation design, periodic methane monitoring and more.

Whether you are building on property located in the City of Los Angeles Methane or “Methane Buffer Zone,” Playa Vista (Los Angeles South Bay area) or within the Building Restriction Zone designated by the Orange County Fire Authority, you will need a certified methane soil gas investigation report.

Terra-Petra has a team of registered professionals with extensive experience in methane testing and inspection that can effectively perform these testing requirements. It is the policy of Terra-Petra to send soil gas samples to an independent laboratory, approved for methane testing, to verify that all of our field readings are accurate. Upon completion of our on-site investigation we provide each client with the necessary forms or reports as required by the governing agency. Every document is stamped and signed by our Civil Engineer.

Terra-Petra offers the following services:

  • Orange County Fire Authority, approved to perform Soil Gas Investigations.
  • City of Los Angeles approved Methane Testing Agency, License #10224.
  • Civil Engineer, Registered Environmental Assessor and Geologist, Certified Engineering Geologist on staff.
  • Completed over 275 methane soil gas investigations in Southern California to date.
  • Low overhead allows us to be cost effective and competitive.
  • To possibly obtain a Methane Testing waiver, contact us for more information.


Methane testing is done by a licensed and experienced professional, and involves an examination of the soil gas underneath a property testing for potential combustible gas hazards.  The data and reporting obtained from methane testing determines any health and safety issues that need to be addressed by the local building departments and the mitigation requirements that may need to be applied to fix the situation.

The Los Angeles area in particular has a history of methane and other combustible gases, notably in the 1980s when a series of explosions rocked the region.  Consequently, the Los Angeles Department of Building And Safety (LADBS) has made methane testing and mitigation requirements in the identified methane zones throughout Los Angeles County.

Terra-Petra has decades of experience in meeting all methane testing and methane mitigation design requirements, and is recognized by LADBS as a professional service provider in Los Angeles and beyond.

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