Terra-Petra Environmental Engineering and Building Waterproofing Teams Celebrate a successful year.

Winding down a triumphant l 2017 and looking forward to, what will likely be, another highly-successful new year, the Terra-Petra celebrated in style at the company’s annual end-of year/holiday party. Once again, Maso Malo, in downtown Los Angeles, was the appointed venue where 90% of the team (members of both the environmental engineering and building waterproofing divisions) came together to eat, drink and be merry. The group included wifes, husbands and significant others — who all look forward to visiting and re-connecting year-after year!

Terra-Petra continues its quest to become the #1 environmental engineering and building waterproofing company in the nation. Each year, this annual holiday event is truly a cause for celebrating a goal that will soon become a reality!

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