HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL – (Marketwired) – AMCOL International Corporation (NYSE: ACO) announced (November 11, 2013) that it is furnishing more than 1.5 million square meters (16 million+ square feet) of its Resistex® geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) product to a new aluminum processing facility in Saudi Arabia.

The $25.3 million contract includes supply of the GCL and all other components of the multi-layer lining system.

The lining materials will be used in the construction of an on-site disposal facility at a new alumina refinery being constructed by Ma’aden Bauxite and Alumina Company, a joint venture between ALCOA Inc. and Saudi Ma’aden Mining Company.

The contract is with Hyundai Engineering and Construction Co., based in Seoul, Korea.

“This project provides an example of the value CETCO provides to our customers via customer-focused research and development. Resistex is part of a family of proprietary GCL products developed through years of research and development, designed to perform in conditions presenting challenges for standard GCLs,” said Patrick Carpenter, President of the AMCOL Construction Technologies segment. “With a global production platform, in-house logistics expertise, and direct access to state of the art technology in minerals performance enhancement, we are uniquely positioned to supply large projects in the mining and minerals processing industries.”

AMCOL and CETCOA wholly owned subsidiary of AMCOL International (NYSE: ACO), Colloid Environmental Technologies Company, LLC (CETCO) is a global construction technologies company with a range of products and services including geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs), drilling products, building materials, engineering support, technical assistance, custom solutions, and research and development.