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Lunch & Learn With The Henry Company

Residential And Light Commercial Building Envelope Systems

The Henry Company’s Architectural Building Envelope Manager, Lynae Schindler, recently presented a lunch and learn program to our waterproofing team at our downtown Los Angeles office on Flower St. on August 4, 2022. In attendance were Terra-Petra’s Vice-President, Justin Conaway; Principal Waterproofing Consultant, Paul Piscoran; Dan Valdez Director of Field Operations; and most of Terra-Petra’s field inspection team.

In her presentation, Lynae discussed residential and light commercial building envelope systems in respect to weather resistive barriers tied to envelope fenestration systems. Our team was introduced to some innovative products for Mixed-Use, Multi-family (light commercial projects 7 stories and below), and introduced to the idea that one manufacturer should “own the wall”.

Terra-Petra Waterproofing Consulting Joins in LA Development Project Milestone Celebration

Terra-Petra Building Envelope Waterproofing Consulting Division Joins in on 1375 S. St Andrews Place Development Project Milestone Celebration

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Terra-Petra’s Building Envelope Waterproofing Consulting Division was proud to be a part of the Holland Partner Group (HPG) “Topping Out Celebration” on May 19th. HPG organized this special event to recognize a great milestone in the construction process of its new development at 1375 S. St Andrews Place in Los Angeles, California. The project consists of the construction of a new 185 unit 8-story residential structure having 1 level of subterranean parking constructed adjacent to a 1 and 2-story existing theater.

As a premier developer of core urban infill residential and mixed-use trophy communities, HPG wanted to recognize this milestone as well as express gratitude to all the people and organizations that had a hand in the project reaching this stage.

We are very pleased to have played a role in the 1375 S. St Andrews Place development and look forward to providing Holland Partner Group with more support for their upcoming projects.

Terra-Petra Provided Building Envelope Waterproofing Consulting

Terra-Petra is pleased to have contributed to this project in our little way. During the design phase, we served as the project’s building envelope waterproofing consultant. We were also retained through the Construction Administration phase by reviewing and responding to RFI’s and submittals as well as carrying out the inspections of the installed systems to ensure compliance with specifications, application requirements, and warranty compliance.  

Recently we have been onsite witnessing mock-up installations of the window assemblies. More specifically we have been verifying that the building envelope systems are properly detailed and terminated per plans and specifications to ensure the watertight integrity of the system is achieved. 

We are scheduled to conduct water penetration resistance testing of the installed fenestration systems once the installation goes into production in early May.  Terra-Petra routinely performs QA/QC testing for numerous fenestration assemblies using methods ASTM E 1105 @Ambient Pressure or with a Vacuum Chamber and/or AAMA 501.2. 

Waterproofing as it Applies to Assembly and Structural Integrity

As building envelope professionals, we can’t emphasize enough how critical the waterproofing discipline works alongside a structural team during and beyond construction.

The Champlain Towers South building collapse is a disaster beyond belief. First responders continue to dig out the rubble upon publication of this article.

David Santiago/ Miami Herald via Associated Press

We acknowledge their dedication and professionalism as they work to find those loved ones who are unaccounted for.

It is so important to be able to identify adverse moisture and water-related conditions early. Such specific conditions may end up affecting the building assemblies that may result in degradation of structural capacity.

Depending on the building assembly type, the degradation could be slow (masonry assemblies) or rapid (wood assemblies). However, in both cases, unless the source of the degradation is repaired and the intrusion is mitigated, the degradation can and will lead to an eventual structural compromise that can result in a catastrophic failure.

It is very critical for building professionals to survey their buildings and mitigate/repair any attributes that may be the cause or contributing factors of building assembly degradation.

Allowing the building components to “live” in an environment that is non-standard and lends itself to degradation can place the entire building in unchartered territory that lends itself to an unknown reduction of the building’s expected lifecycles and renders the structural experimental rather than predictable.

Terra-Petra provides all consulting services for sub-slab vapor barriers consulting services for sub-slab vapor barriers, below-grade waterproofing and drainage, podium and balcony waterproofing, planter waterproofing, and drainage, exterior wall cladding and weather-resistive barriers, and roofing assemblies.

For more information or to discuss your next or current project visit: or contact Barry Taheri.

Terra-Petra Waterproofing – Building Envelope Consulting Los Angeles

Terra-Petra is currently providing building envelope weatherproofing consulting services to a multinational asset management and development firm at their development in Los Angeles CA.

The project will consist of the construction of a new 6-story, 30,274 SF multifamily apartment building consisting of five levels of type III-A over one level of Type I-A. The building footprint is approximately 7,000 SF.

Building Envelope Consulting – Los Angeles, CA

Terra-Petra is currently providing building envelope weatherproofing consulting services to a multinational asset management and development firm at their development in Los Angeles CA.

The project will consist of the construction of a new 7-story, 60-unit residential building with a common area at the roof. It will include a subterranean parking level with a semi-automated parking system with a parking pit. The building footprint is approximately 11,900 SF.

Terra-Petra will provide all consulting services for sub-slab vapor barriers, below grade
waterproofing and drainage, podium and balcony waterproofing, planter waterproofing and drainage, exterior wall cladding and weather-resistive barriers and roofing assemblies.

The Importance Of Waterproofing and Site Integrity – Keeping Priceless Works Of Art Safe

Terra-Petra has been selected to perform Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) testing by BEST Contracting Services for the project improvements at the Orange County Museum of Art in Costa Mesa. Testing will take place at the podium planters, with an estimated 4 move-ins where Hot Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing will be installed as part of the site renovations.

Terra-Petra’s Waterproofing Division provides full scope building envelope consulting, design, testing and inspection services to our clients. Our goal as always is to make our clients’ lives easier by providing expert, unbiased and practical waterproofing consulting services in a highly responsive and cost-efficient manner.

While our current testing at OCMA will take place in the landscaping around the building rather than the interior of the structure, we can’t stress enough the importance of waterproofing and site integrity tests. How important?  Potentially saving priceless art collections, as noted in the 2015 article below.  A cautionary tale about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston where leaks in the building jeopardized multiple rooms in the museum holding priceless art.

The Gardner Museum’s Roofs Are Leaky, Jeopardizing Art

Re-post of original article on by Cait Munro

It’s been a tough year for Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Just days after longtime director Anne Hawley announced her resignation (see Hate Your Job? Gardner Museum Seeks Director), a security guard observed water dripping into the third floor Chapel Room.

The Boston Globe reports that the Tapestry Room, which lies one floor below, also had leaks later the same evening. Buckets and rubber mats were brought in, and jeopardized works were either removed from the area or draped in plastic.

Several days later, the Little Salon, which lies adjacent to the Tapestry Room, was also discovered to have leaks. It currently remains closed to the public, in addition to the Chapel Room.

“We are extremely cautious when a leak is detected and will drape and de-install art as a preventative measure,” said Hawley, who acknowledged that the leaks have been an ongoing problem for the past month. “We err on the side of caution and leave the plastic covering up until we are certain that any leak in the area has been stopped since water often travels. This is not always an ideal visitor experience, but protecting the collection is our top priority.”


This Is A Robbery – Netflix Documentary on the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Interestingly enough, there’s also a documentary on the 1990 Heist that took place at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum currently streaming on Netflix.  It’s a four-part crime series on this amazing $500 million heist at this historic and beautiful building, and worth taking a look!



Waterproofing Services, Building Envelope Consulting – Los Alamitos, CA

Terra-Petra is performing building envelope inspections for a major real estate developer at their luxury apartment development in Los Alamitos, CA. The new construction, a 3 level apartment building, comprises approximately 35,000 SF.

The scope of work includes the waterproofing systems being installed at the windows, doors, building wrap and roofing.

Our services cover all manufacturer required Independent Inspections, Testing and Reporting and Quality Assurance.

Learn more about Terra-Petra’s complete spectrum of building envelope consulting services.