Terra-Petra Completed Successful Oil Well Leak Test

Terra-Petra Completed Successful Oil Well Leak Test

Terra-Petra completed another successful oil well leak test, this time in Placentia, CA.

We were on-site to direct the excavation contractor in an effort to locate two buried oil wells on a property scheduled for a commercial redevelopment.

Once uncovered, Terra-Petra completed in oil well leak testing activities accordance with State of California Department of Conservation, Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) guidelines and the Placentia Fire & Life Safety’s Combustible Soil Gas Hazard Mitigation Guideline. The top of thw well casings were located at 11.5’ below surface grade.

Photos Of Oil Leak Test

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Results of the emissions monitoring at the top of both well casings showed combustible gas at non-detectable concentrations (less than 1 ppmv), and background air concentration of combustible gas away from the well casings was measured at 0.1 to 0.2 ppmv.

Results of the monitoring at the top of the well casings showed non-detectable concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. Results of the bubble leak-testing activity showed no dynamic bubble formation and therefore no indication of gas pressure leakage from the top of the well casing.

All work was performed under the supervision of a CalGEM representative.