Terra-Petra's Director of Field Operations Daniel Valdez Inspector training seminarTerra-Petra's Director of Field Operations, Daniel Valdez, held a Deputy Methane Barrier Inspector training seminar in our Los Angeles office this past week. He is responsible for overseeing the largest Deputy Methane Barrier Inspection (DMBI) team in the industry–as the Terra-Petra DMBI team continues to grow.  Daniel believes that it is imperative to periodically go over inspector responsibilities, requirements and reporting protocols to ensure that the information stays fresh in every inspector's mind and that Terra-Petra maintains continuity across the company.

IMG_20140430_163553_993Valdez is also a big proponent of staying in touch with the material manufacturers to ensure that his team members are certified to perform their work, keep up to speed with changing technologies, warranty requirements, what approved applicators are out there and inspection and reporting procedures. 

To that end he was able to schedule an inspector's certification webinar on the CETCO Hydroshield Warranty system to follow his presentation. The webinar was a refresher for most of the inspectors on the Terra-Petra DMBI team, who have inspected several projects under the Hydroshield program. Five new inspectors are set to receive certification for the first time.

The seminar was a success and there is no one more qualified than Mr. Daniel Valdez to have given the presentation.